“Such a great portrayal of Mark Twain! You filled the room at the WL/WH Library, which was great. Enjoyed by all.Thanks again for a wonderful evening."

Judy Druckenmiller, Program Chairman
West Lawn/Wyomissing Hills Library

Hi Roger, one of my friends bought a house in Elmira that belonged to one of Mark Twains best friends. It’s amazing! Anyway, been thinking of you since I was there. Also, I’ve seen video of your act and I can tell you it would be a complete hit with encores at the Clemens center in Elmira. (I’ve seen a lot of Mark Twain “impersonators”, your act is light years ahead.)

Justin R.

What a great program we had today, thanks to Roger Mallon of Here’s Mark Twain! He enthralled us as he told us tales of Mark Twain and his fascinating world!

Fredricksen Library, Camp Hill, PA

“Thank you so much for the delightful and entertaining program. Many people came up after you left and said how much they enjoyed your presentation and that it was one of the best programs we had. You certainly earned the ‘triple yes’ cheer."

Linda Schueller
Retired seniors/Myerstown

Letter to Roger Mallon following a performance in Pottstown for Alpha Iota Sorority

“I would like to thank you on behalf of our sorority for your wonderful performance as Mark Twain. You were great and we laughed a lot. As you know laughter is good for you.

“One of the ladies took a picture of you while you were telling the ghost story and on your head appeared an orb. We think the ghost was with you at the time. I will see if she will send me the picture so I can share it with you. She lives in Iowa.

“We enjoyed your question and answer session and getting to know more about you. You have a very interesting life.

“I think you look at life as this quote says, “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.”– William Feather”

Thanks again.

Sue Amante
Reading Alumnae Sorority

Other Comments

Audience comments from Fredricksen Libary audience:​

“You were excellent. Just Wonderful”

“I just saw Hal Holbrook’s performance in York last month and you were truly his equal.”

“A wonderful protrayal.”

Audience comments from Muhlenberg School Retirees

“Very good”

“Delighted you were here”

“I think you surpass actor Hal Holbrook’s characterization of Mark Twain. Most impressive.”

Audience comments from Fredricksen Library audience:
“You were excellent. Just Wonderful”

“I just saw Hal Holbrook’s performance in York last month and you were truly his equal.”

“A wonderful protrayal.”
Audience comments from Muhlenberg School Retirees​
“Very good”

“Delighted you were here”

“I think you surpass actor Hal Holbrook’s characterization of Mark Twain. Most impressive.”​
Audience comments/Strand Theater production of "Here's Mark Twain", October 11, 2014:
“The show was perfect!”

“He was exactly how I thought Mark Twain would be.”

“Great show. Great job.”
Jim Knights

“One fellow couldn’t stop talking or grinning after the show”

Audience member, Scottish Rite Cathedral

“Your presentation ranks up their with the best historical impersonations I’ve ever seen.”

Comments about “Here’s Mark Twain” from three audience members at Visiting nurse’s luncheon:

“You were wonderful”; “You were wonderful”; and “You were wonderful.”

Jane L. Viprino

“I saw Roger portray Mark Twain and he was amazing! He is fabulous! Everyone should experience this.”

Dave Kline

“For those who have not seen Roger portray Mark Twain, do a Nike, and JUST DO IT! You will NOT be disappointed. He’s nailed it!”

Linda Mellinger Snyder

“You’re great as Mark Twain.”

Ken Snyder

“If you haven’t seen Roger as Mark Twain, you are missing an excellent performance.”

Jane Lesher Denver Women’s Club

“Just wanted to thank you again for your great program last night. Everyone I spoke to after our meeting really enjoyed Twain’s humor. Thanks again.”

Audience member, Hamburg Historical Society

“You were wonderful. We never had so many people attend one of our meetings before.”

Audience members, Virginville Fire Company banquet.

“I felt like I was listening to the real Mark Twain.”

“ You were great. Job well done.”

Comments after dinner theater show at Stokesay Castle, Reading, PA.

“You were amazing, amazing, amazing.”

“I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes”

“I got carried away sometimes.”

“I have seen Hal Holbrook’s performance, and yours was much better.”

Audience comments/Patriotic Sons of America September 15, 2012, White Horse, PA

“You did an excellent job.”

“You are lucky to have such good head of grey hair.”

“I wish we could have more programs like yours.”

Dan Greig, District Executive, Berks County Conservation District

“The evening was entertaining and well received by our guests, some of which are still talking about the show! You appear to observe, anticipate and adjust your dialogue according to the response of your audience. You are a true entertainer!”

Audience member, Berks County Conservation District Awards Banquet.

“I was so engrossed by your presentation there were moments when I thought you actually were Mark Twain. I caught myself a few times getting that carried away. Thank you for a great show.”

Audience comments from recent shows

“You should take your show to Branson, MO. You would do great there.”

“Thanks very much. It was wonderful.”

“Some audience members want to book your show for their clubs.”

“How far will you travel?”

Audience comments from Circle of Friends, West Lawn United Methodist Church.
(Note: a larger venue had to be found for this show because of high number of audience reservations.)

“Very convincing”

“I first experienced historical impersonators at Williamsburg where I met Thomas Jefferson. So when I heard about your program, I made reservations right away. I’m so glad I did. You did a great job.”

“Your hair IS real !!

“I remember you from Albright College when you performed in so many theater productions.”

Audience comments from Berks County Guild of Craftsman’s annual Christmas dinner at the Goggle Works.

“You were excellent.”

“I think you are the perfect person to impersonate Mark Twain.”

“This is the third time I have seen your program. There always seems to be something new. I would jump at the chance to see it a fourth time.”

Audience comments from West Lawn Seniors Club, 11/1/11

“I don’t care for history, but I sure am glad I saw your show. It was very enjoyable.”

“You ARE as good as Hal Holbrook. I know you are modest, but, really, I think you are as good.”

“Are you available for smaller groups?”

“Everybody thought you were very good.”

Audience comments from Alvernia University Senior College, 10/30/11

“I thought you were wonderful. Thank you so much.”

“Brilliant. Just brilliant.”

“I thought you were better than Hal Holbrook’s show.”

“And so did I!”

“You inspired me. Thank you.”

Audience comments from Reading School District Retirees at Crown Plaza hotel, Wyomissing

“Funny, so funny.”

“I wasn’t going to stay for the entertainment because I don’t like literature, but I am so glad I stayed. You were very good, and I learned a lot about Mark Twain. I am going to recommend you to my friends.”

“This is the second time I saw you. I am a former English teacher and I thought you have done an excellent portrayal both times.”

Shirley Riegel-Ferreri
Manager of Residential Programming
The Highlands, Wyomissing

Roger Mallon delivered a very memorable performance as he interpreted Mark Twain at the Highlands. Our residents always enjoy dramatic performances of this nature. They were impressed with his choice and delivery of material.

Audience comments from Allegheny Grange Community Night

“You were excellent”……
“I really enjoyed your program”….
“You seemed to be enjoying yourself”…..
“I liked the way you related to the audience”….
“I’ll certainly recommend you to other organizations.”

Audience comments at Frederick Mennonite
Retirement Community 4/12/11

“You were excellent! …. We’ll have to have you back…. You look exactly like him….I enjoyed your program very much…Do you do other characters ?”

Ken Snyder
Central Berks Lions Club

“This past Tuesday Roger performed his “Here’s Mark Twain” show for the members and guests of the Central Berks Lions Club. Excellent show. if you have the chance to see Roger, by all means do so. Thanks again Roger.”

Audience comments from Lions Club banquet

“I felt carried me away to that day and age.”

“I know our school would love to have you.”

“Your hair is beautiful.”

Major Colin DeVault
Corps Commanding Officer

“We were so grateful for your support as celebrity bell ringer “Mark Twain” at our 2010 Red Kettle Campaign Kickoff in downtown Reading. Adults and children alike enjoyed your noontime speech. We appreciate your service and the investment you made with the Salvation Army. We have some new ideas for next year and will ask Mark Twain to make another appearance on stage. Thanks for everything.”

Martin A Darocha
Reading Chapter PA Institute of CPAs

“Thank you for dropping by our meeting on Monday. What a wonderful surprise.I am hoping that one more compliment does not go to your head, but your tales were quite superb and we all enjoyed your humor. But most important was your message of things that are just plain right or just plain wrong – perhaps demonstrated best by your stories of Huck Finn.In short, to be graced by the presence of Mark Twain at our meeting was a delightful surprise we will hold dear.”

Ann Wenrich
Young in Heart First Presbyterian Church Reading, PA

“Thank you for your great presentation last Wednesday. Everyone raved.”

“With the introductory words, ‘Here’s Mark Twain’, Roger Mallon becomes Mark Twain, resplendent with impressive mane, white suit and traditional cigar. His first person account of early life growing up on the banks of the Mississippi River and from the days piloting steamboats on the river to his newspaper exploits and writing career is delivered in Twain accent and manner.
Mr. Mallon reads excerpts from several of Twain’s books, much to the delight of the audience which will be enthralled with the program.
Here’s Mark Twain is highly recommended–especially for senior groups.”

Kelly Sorrick
Community Life Coordinator
Country Meadows of Wyomissing

“I would highly recommend “Here’s Mark Twain” for your group or organization. Roger Mallons’ witty and charming portrayal of Mark Twain was thoroughly enjoyed by our residents at Country Meadows.”

Audience comments from 9.8.10 show at First Presbyterian Church in Reading

“Terrific. Enjoyed it very much. Loved it. He even had the southern accent down. Fantastic.”

Kristofer Updike
Albright College Drama Department

“Roger is simply fascinating to watch as he brings to life the wit and wisdom of the great Mark Twain.”