Zoom meeting a knockout review

Review 5/14/2020

Roger Mallon IS Mark Twain

Witty, authentic, affable!

I hired Roger to appear as a surprise guest on a routine business team call (for our group, this is week 7 of working remotely under COVID confinement).
Roger as Sam Clemens was completely authentic both in relating famous aphorisms and stories, responding in real time to questions, and interacting with the team members, even shy ones.
It was terrific; we even talked a bit about publishing from Sam Clemens’ point of view, and we are in the “modern” publishing business. From dress, to the manerisms, to the accent and finally to the convincingly sly intellect—we were transported to the late 1800s.

5-star review. Highly recommended

M. Scott Dineen
Optical Society of America

Washington, DC

Have Mark Twain visit your next Zoom meeting

Mark Twain One-Man-Show Impersonator Offers Services to Spice Up Virtual Zoom Meetings

Roger Mallon, a highly acclaimed Mark Twain impersonator, ‘becomes’ Mark Twain to add the author’s humor, wit and wisdom to any virtual meeting.

Reading, PA, USA – Roger Mallon, a seasoned radio and television performer and producer, is offering his Mark Twain impersonation services to live Zoom calls for individuals, corporations and organizations. For a fee he will join a video call ‘As Mark Twain‘ and impart Twain’s wisdom and humor to make virtual meetings more entertaining and memorable.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and working from home becoming the new normal, Zoom live calls have never been more relevant. But virtual meetings can get a bit bland without a little entertainment in addition to face to face interaction. Companies and organizations alike have been thinking of ways to spice up their meetings, even going as far as hiring animals to add entertainment for Zoom meetings. Yes, you heard that right, goats, llamas and more are available for hire to appear on live video calls.

What better way to add a bit of fun to your live calls than by being joined by America’s favorite 19th Century writer and humorist, Mark Twain. Roger Mallon will share Twain’s witty and often hilarious takes on life, people, travel and tolerance. Packages are available whether you want a short 5-minute visit and monologue, a staged Q&A, or a full performance for audiences ranging from school groups, nursing homes, or corporate morale-building or public entertainment events.

Mallon is the co-host of A Great Day Outdoors radio and television shows. He has been performing professionally as a Mark Twain actor for over 10 years, with more than 80 5-star reviews online.

For an interesting interview or to book Mallon, call or text Lowell Sheets at 410-688-0893 visit https://www.heresmarktwain.com/ .


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