Strand Theater show in Zelienople, PA

The stage of the Strand Theater in Zelienople, PA was the venue, October 11, for “Here’s Mark Twain”.
It was a charity fundraiser conducted by the HarmonyMasonic Lodge 429 and proceeds benefited local food banks.

My son Jeff and I traveled together and stayed Friday night at the Comfort Inn/Cranberry, had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings and spent Saturday before the show enjoying Zelienope’s Fall Community Festival.

The Strand Theater is old movie theater in town being rehabbed and upgraded for both live shows and movies. It was the nicest I have ever worked on, and I truly appreciated the attention given to stage setting, sound and lighting. The was a green room and dressing rooms, and I want to thank Ron Carter and Mike Potemra for their professionalism and generosity.

The show went off without a hitch and the audience was wonderful. It was one of the few times I had an audience that was there to see “Mark Twain” rather than an audience of good folks who were just expecting “Entertainment” at their banquet or meeting.Lastly, I want to thank Jim Knights of the Masons for putting this show together. Audience comments have been posted on the “Testimonial” page. Thanks to all.

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